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2015-12-04 02:43:30
Mohd: dwmack:Turkey Dive on the 24th (November) tentative site is Marmont srteet Boat Launch in Niles at 1300 hrs. Depending on the weather and river conditions the site may change so its important you contact a club officer to confirm location before you leave for the dive. [link= ]nlvwbwnum[/link]
2015-12-01 20:51:18
Enmanuelyosueth: araceli3912January 24, 2013 at 8:53 amthanks for this but what uptses me is ppl who have money get the samples who dont actually need them im currently only gettin money from babysittin i have a two year old and going to college part time itϻ sucks i try to get samples and they run out
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